FC Code -- Dockapps



wmstopwatch is a dock application that counts the time elapsed since it was started. It can optionally run a command and count the time until the command terminates.

A left click suspends the counting. Another left click resumes it. In addition, if wmstopwatch was asked to launch a command, it sends it a SIGSTOP and a SIGCONT respectively.

At any time, a right click terminates wmstopwatch. If a command was launched, it is sent a SIGTERM, followed a short while after by a SIGKILL if it did not terminate by itself.

Sources (under GPL): wmstopwatch-0.tbz2.


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Wmprocessor is a dockapp that monitors CPU usage. It runs under Linux. It is based on wmcpuload 1.0.1 by Seiichi Sato, with the following modifications:

Sources (under GPL): wmprocessor-0.1.tbz2.


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Wmtext is a dock application that displays the output of a shell command.

The background and text colours can be changed according to patterns found in the command output.

Sample scripts: date and battery watch.

Sources (under GPL):